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Flexible Curtain Tracks, Simplified.

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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All tracks are not made equal, your curtain system deserves a top quality and durable track to begin with. The FlexTracks is a patented, all-purpose curtain track system that is I-beam configured and embedded with a metal spine for extra strength and flexibility, coated with the highest-quality resin and requires no splicing or prefabrication.

Ball Bearing Roller
Embedded Metal Spine
Continuous Flexible Curtain Tracks for curved and straight run
Double Curtain Track
Beautiful Results
Flexible track for continuous straight run on T-bar ceiling. Completed in two hours.
The Flex Track Clients


What a God send product. The only other choice we seemed to have had was imported expensive German custom fabricated hardware. We procrastinated for over a year due to cost and complexity until we found your track on the web.

-Bob B.

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Flexible Curtain Tracks

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Flexible Curtain Tracks

The FlexTracks offers a wide range of drapery hardware anything from Flexible Curtain Tracks, Straight Curtain Tracks to all the required components. We are proud to announce that we won the WCMA 2013 Product Award for most innovative overall concept for our Drapery Hardware. The FlexTracks Curtain Track Systems will allow you to create any look from contemporary to classic or from modern to urban. With The FlexTracks curtain system you can simplify your bathroom, bedroom, garage, retail store, or cubicle project at the most cost efficient prices. Not all curtain tracks are made equal; The FlexTracks are a patented all-purpose curtain track system and are made of the highest quality materials. Our clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue NY, Trump Taj Majal Casino New Jersey, NYU just to name a few have already accomplished their renowned designs with The FlexTracks curtain systems. The FlexTracks curtain systems were designed for architects, interior designers and anyone with the creative mind.

Take comfort in ordering your curtain tracks from The FlexTracks assisted by our team of curtain track specialists.

Flexible Curtain Tracks

The FlexTracks Curtain Track is Durable and Easy to Use in Your Home or Business

Something as seemingly simple as a curtain track can actually cause many complex issues when not designed correctly. Whether you want your home curtains to have that wow factor for visitors or you need your shop or hotel to feature appealing curtains for patrons, we at The FlexTracks have a leading curtain track system that will help you to effortlessly accomplish your goal.

Your ceiling curtain track can either make you or break you. If you go with a cheap, flimsy product, you can expect poor results that may end up costing you more to fix in the long run. However, a durable curtain track system from The FlexTracks helps you to hang your curtains correctly the first time. With our curtain tracks, you do not have to worry about your track being unstable and buckling under the weight of your favorite, heavy-duty curtain.

Our ceiling mounted curtain track is top-of-the-line, as it is built well while being easy for it DIYer to install on his or her own. The track is extremely flexible, so you can easily bend it to fit your curved space; you also can use it as a straight curtain track in your home or business as well. Our track also has an outstanding finish, produces no noise and allows you to guide your curtains smoothly and effortlessly.

What sets our ceiling curtain track apart from those of other brands is that ours is made from resin and steel. This enables the track to hold a great deal of weight while being quite easy to bend. If you are managing a show room, the last thing you want is for your curtains to come tumbling down because you used a fragile track. When you are decorating your house, you likewise want a curtain track that is reliable and virtually maintenance-free. The FlexTracks has just the solution you need to make your home or business look as attractive as possible, as easily as possible.