Ceiling mount closed-end circle made easy with our heavy duty track. No more prefabrication.
This bay window utilizes our double curtain track with valance for hanging sheer and curtain.
FlexTracks in use at Saks Fifth Ave., New York.
Extend the beauty of your home with our continuous flexible curtain track and valance.
Inception since 2006


What a God send product. The only other choice we seemed to have had was imported expensive German custom fabricated hardware. We procrastinated for over a year due to cost and complexity until we found your track on the web.

-Bob B.

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Flexible Curtain Track useful ideas by The Flex Track's clients

Round Window Curtain Tracks

Wall mount curtain along curve window

Room Seperation with Flexible Curtains

Our T2 track bends to 4" diameter

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Bay window double curtain track

Flexible Curtain Tracks on a Ceiling

Continuous track turns corner easily

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Flexible Curtain Track

Prepackaged Flexible Curtain Track
Pre-packaged Flexible Curtain Tracks

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Straight Curtain Tracks

Wall mount corner window curtain

Ceiling Custom Curtain Tracks

Ceiling track with our instant valance system

The FlexTracks offers a wide range of drapery hardware anything from Flexible Curtain Tracks, Straight Curtain Tracks to all the required components. We are proud to announce that we won the WCMA 2013 Product Award for most innovative overall concept for our Drapery Hardware. The FlexTracks Curtain Track Systems will allow you to create any look from contemporary to classic or from modern to urban. With The FlexTracks curtain system you can simplify your bathroom, bedroom, garage, retail store, or cubicle project at the most cost efficient prices. Not all curtain tracks are made equal; The FlexTracks are a patented all-purpose curtain track system and are made of the highest quality materials. Our clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue NY, Trump Taj Majal Casino New Jersey, NYU just to name a few have already accomplished their renowned designs with The FlexTracks curtain systems. The FlexTracks curtain systems were designed for architects, interior designers and anyone with the creative mind.

Take comfort in ordering your curtain tracks from The FlexTracks assisted by our team of curtain track specialists.

Hotel Flexible Curtain Tracks

Hotel lounge curved curtain

Circle Window Curtain Tracks

Operable curtain for round window

Bathroom Round Curtain Tracks

Privacy curtain on T-Bar

Instant dressing room

Extremely bendable flexible track

The FlexTracks Curtain Track is Durable and Easy to Use in Your Home or Business